March 4th - the frailty of human life

I just received news of the passing of my water supplier. 

I had been in touch with him just two weeks ago and I had been complaining to him about how difficult it was to get him to supply me with water.

I thought he and his team were being complacent in their delivery of water to us. Weeks prior to this incident, he had told me he was unwell and he really looked tired and so I asked him to get some rest and seek medical attention. 

I didn't know that this was going to cause his death. Why didn't I pray for him? Why didn't it even cross my mind??? I am heartbroken.

So two weeks ago, here I was blasting my supplier for taking things for granted oblivious to the fact that he was fighting for his life!

I am heartbroken. Why wasn't I patient? 
He was sometimes the one who would call to ask if we needed water at home. 
So when things changed, why did I not realise that something was up and rather seek to find out why things had changed?

Today, I called to ask for the usual only to …

March 4th - My love for the Priesthood

I wrote this article on January 28th of this year and I have been holding on to this for a while...
Enjoy the read.

My name is Mary Magdalene. I am Roman Catholic. I am a female and I love the Priesthood.
When I became a Mass Server in 2007, I was asked if I wanted to be a nun. I said no; I wanted to be a Priest. The first female Priest in the world and I was willing to petition the Pope if that was what it would take to become one.
My spiritual director, at that time, told me I could still opt to be a nun and set up my own congregation if that was what I wanted. That was not what I wanted.
Growing up, I sense a deep desire to be a wife to a man and a mother to as many sons as I would have… and maybe a daughter, if the Lord wills it. And yes, the more the years, the more I still want to be a priest. I want to do the work of God more and more. Yes, I want to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Yes, like John, I want to mend the net. This is my father’s business and my food is to …

February 17th - ...but We used to be friends....

Have you ever felt tears well up in your chest so hard and heavy that you know you could easily burst into heaves of tears in any given moment? I had one of such moments today. 
The first reading at Mass today was from the Book of Jeremiah 17:5-8 and there is a portion that talks about how accursed is the man who puts his trust in man and in his own strength. It talks about the dryness such a man encounters and how this man will never see prosperity. 
I was convicted by this Scripture because it showed so clearly that the condition of my heart has been like one of such a man. Why am I saying so?
Aside getting my second degree, I am trying to be intentional about my Spiritual growth and about music ministry in church. Basically, I am trying to be intentional about becoming. ("Becoming" is the expression I give to my quest to attain my fullest expression as His daughter). 
...but that has just been the problem... "I am trying to become" 
Having that sense and intention to…

February 7th - Loving You will be the death of me

Hi, hi, hi!!!
I find myself in a very interesting place lately.
Loving Jesus is the death of me.  It is the death of me because my Lord takes eminence and precedence over me in every sense of the word... over my thoughts, over my intentions and over my dispositions.
It is interesting because right now, I understand that Jesus being Lord over my life means that His plans and His will overrule every bit of mine. 
This means that even in the choice of spouse, although I may like someone, I know so well that His preference is a 100% determinant of my choice.  Which means that if He Is not in, then, I am not.
Although painful and somewhat scary, this knowledge and acceptance makes me proud of myself because it shows me that by His Grace, I am understanding what it means for Jesus to be Lord over my life. 
I know I am a Princess of the King of Kings but I know so well that this doesn't mean I get to have my way all the time.  
His will over mine... any day, anyhow, anytime.
Amen and amen. Praise …

January 29th - Testimony

This month has been busy for me because I am getting my research paper done.
Sometimes, I like to focus my energy on getting a particular task done to the extent that I shut out all other engagements or commitments till I am through with that particular task. 

My confession and testimony are as follows:

Over the past two weeks, I had not actively had my quiet time. Whenever I woke up, I would quickly get to work on my research work. Yes, I prayed. Yes, I listened to sermons and I went to church but I wasn't placing Him first. 
Also, I wasn't going for rehearsals and Thursday Mass because I had to get my work done. I just didn't put Jesus first. 
I prioritized my thesis above Him and in my defense, I would tell myself that He would want me to focus on this now. 

The thing is, though I was getting my work done, I knew there had to be a better way. By the Mercy of God, on Saturday, I resolved to calibrate. 

When I woke up today, I went straight to shower and then I took my Bible, my…

January 3rd - Does Daddy take His blessings away?

In his sermon at church on Tuesday, my Priest said that when we continue to dwell in sin, Daddy will take His blessings away from us.

I was pondering on what He said when Holy Spirit drew my attention to something I learnt in December, which I believe in some way explains what my priest said on Tuesday.
You see, this Universe comprises two realms: Light and darkness. Those of us who by the Grace of God, believe in Jesus Christ belong to the Light whereas those who don't dwell in darkness. It is that simple, innit? Now, tell me, where do you belong?
I have learnt that when we make that choice to follow Jesus and His precepts (which, fundamentally, is to love the Lord with all our heart and to love our neighbours as we love ourselves) we naturally gravitate towards the Light and in effect, closer to God (no one can come to Him except by coming through Jesus Christ, remember?). Now when this occurs, we get closer to His Person and what that means is that we begin to reap the benefits of …